Newcastle pride rainbow zebra crossing

We walked through Newcastle city centre this morning to catch the bus to my parents' house in Northumberland. This zebra crossing looked fabulous all dressed up for Northern Pride.

Once installed at the parental abode, Mr hazelh and I resumed our helpful roles of last weekend. Over the course of the day Mr hazelh hacked his way further through the huge butterbur that is the most prolific of the plants found in the jungle at the far end of my parents' 'garden'. We're hoping that he might reach the last of the 62 fruit trees tomorrow. Meanwhile I 'attacked' the dining room. I'm pretty sure that some of the glasses that I found in boxes under the sideboard have not seen the light of day since 1986. (I have an evil plan to get them all out, line them up beside all the alcohol that is currently scattered in various bottles all around the house, and hold a riotous cocktail party!)

We visited my father in hospital this afternoon. He's obviously very weak and tired, but also very well looked after. His bed has the best position in the ward. When he sits in his seat my father has a brilliant view of the hospital garden and all the comings and goings in Westgate (the main street of Haltwhistle). I'm looking forward to seeing him again tomorrow.

Exercise today: walking (~16,734 steps).

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