A Monkey's Tale

By MonkeyWithAView


Or is it Granddad?! We had a discussion today about this, as we have times before, & none of us could really settle on the correct spelling. I think it looks better with one D, but his name's sake opts for the double D. Anyway, it means the same whichever way you look at it & that's what's important.

Ma, Ri, Jenny & I made our way to Epsom to spend the day with G'dad & Pam to celebrate Grandad's 86th birthday (which is actually tomorrow in case you were wondering). My Auntie Spishy was also visiting which was obviously an added delight! Pam laid on nice little spread of ham sannie's & sausage rolls, ooh luvely! And because Jen had got up early, we also had G'dad's Victoria sponge birthday cake to dive into, which was very tasty I must add & much appreciated by Grandad.

Everyone's doing fab, it was super to see them & we had a great time catching up with them all. We had plenty of laughs, corny jokes (thankyou Grandad) & reminiscings as usual. Good times.

Rather full & a little sleepy we returned home. After only a 5 minute pit stop & refuel, Dad & step-ma Jen were over & off we went to dinner at our local & much frequented Indian Restaurant. We had a very nice meal & it was good for us to all spend some time together as it's been a while since we've seen them.

Extremely full & very sleepy we returned home once more. This time we were staying put & we spent the evening camped in the living room, seriously questioning our extreme grub consumption for the day.

I must comment on the fact that I watched the last episode of Dallas which returned for a new series some weeks ago. Wow, I know it might be slightly overly dramatic & quite probably not everyone's cuppa, but Ma & me have enjoyed it immensely. SO many cliff-hangers throughout, all dwarfed by the cliff-hanger-a-minute last installment, contributed to it just being brilliant!

If you think that;s bad, just wait for the next 3 weeks.. I'm A Celebrity starts on the morrow. Amazeballs!

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