…..that I had taken this photograph lying on my back, but those who know me will know that would be almost an impossibility - I could get down there well enough, but would need help to get back up!  I just leaned back in my chair and snapped this.

After a good service at Church, we decided not to go out looking for dereliction because it was just too hot, so we came home and I made a quick lunch.  We then sat in the coolest part of our garden, in the blue corner, and enjoyed eating, chatting together and watching and listening to the birds singing.

We both said how much we enjoyed watching the clouds floating across the sky and every so often we saw a plane - in fact, they came over quite often, but were very high.  Then we watched some gulls in the sky and marvelled at how graceful they were.  After our lunch we both had a little snooze and then came indoors to watch the first episode of “Unforgotten”, because it’s on again tonight and we wanted to be “up-to-date” with it.  I did see that there were two previous series that we could watch but that’s the sort of thing we would do on a wet afternoon, but I doubt there will be many of those anytime soon!

I did forget to say yesterday that Mr. HCB, his cricket buddy, Keith and our older son, Martyn, went to a cricket match at Cheltenham on Friday evening and guess what?  It was abandoned because of rain!  How ironic is that?  I think that Mr. HCB and Keith will be fine for the rest of the Cheltenham Cricket Festival, which lasts until Wednesday evening, so I’d better find something to do for three days.

“The road of life is filled 
     with sunshine and clouds, 
          black and white, 
               triumphs and tragedies. 
As we continue down the road, 
     we decide which things 
          we bring with us, 
               and which we leave 
                    in the rear-view mirror.” 

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