I wasn’t sure whether everyone would understand the meaning of the phrase in my title, so looked it up:

Belts and braces are meant to hold one's trousers up. Going 'belt and braces' is a double insurance against having them fall down. The figurative use, as a general term for cautiousness, was coined around the mid-20th century. In the USA 'belt and suspenders' is used with just the same meaning.  

I'm not quite sure "suspenders" would have the same meaning in the UK though!

I decided to take a trip to our local John Lewis store this morning- not only because I had a voucher for a free coffee and cake but also because I have a £20 gift voucher too.  

With Mr. HCB safely packed off to cricket at Cheltenham, I set off to walk to a nearby bus stop. We live near quite a wooded area and it is sad to see the effects of the drought on the grass, plants and trees. After cricket finishes on Wednesday evening it can rain as much as it likes!!  I just hope that they have managed to find a seat in the shade, because it feels even hotter today.

When I got off the bus I saw this graffiti and thought it might make a good Blip but as I got nearer, I was surprised to see this “low level” gate at Toothill Electricity Sub-Station with not one but FIVE padlocks - it obviously wasn’t enough of a deterrent to keep the graffiti artists out and nor was the notice that says “Danger of Death - Keep Out”! 

I had a good wander round, but I didn’t see anything I wanted so the voucher will be saved for another day, but the carrot cake and coffee were delicious!

It’s out in the garden for the afternoon, in the cool blue corner, in the shade, with plenty of cold drinks.

“Some people become cops 
     because they want to make 
          the world a better place. 
Some people become vandals 
     because they want to make 
          the world a better looking place.” 
Banksy - Wall and Piece

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