When Mr. HCB came home from cricket last night, I had a wander round the garden with him, because he was very proud of the fact that his edamame bean plants actually had some tiny beans on them, so I thought I might be able to use one of them for today's challenge as they are so small.   

He was up well before me this morning watering various plants in the greenhouse and garden, before going off to cricket again, so when I got up, just before 8 o’clock, we both went back out into the garden - with me in my pink robe, of course, thinking that I might use one of the beans as my Tiny Tuesday entry.  I took several shots, but then had a wander round on my own and was really pleased with this shot of the tip of one of our blackberry bushes, which looks as if one of the dew drops is just about falling off.

It was a toss-up between this shot, the tiny edamame bean and the little hoverfly, or flower fly, as they are sometimes known, on the passion flower - but this one won the day.  I will put the other two in as extras though because any one of the three would have met the challenge today, unlike yesterday, when a lovely Blip friend informed me that I was four days early for the Silhouette Challenge!  Ah well, as I said to her, “You can’t win em all”!

It is so hot in our garden today, so I have spent the morning lying full length on our garden bench in “the blue corner” underneath some trees - reading, singing and just enjoying the beauty of creation all around me.  It is definitely much too hot to do any housework!  In fact, I may very well stay indoors for a while to cool off.  Just hope that Mr. HCB has managed to find some shade at Cheltenham! 

“The beauty of the natural world 
     lies in the details.”    
Natalie Angier

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