This wonderful butterfly spent hours flying around the terrace and pool area and constantly making its presence known. I was fascinated at how overfriendly it was and I can't ever remember seeing one in the garden.

At the moment the garden is teeming with all things that fly and the small patch of wildflower seeds I had sown a few weeks ago (and which survived chicken attacks) are now attracting many butterflies and wild bees but don't seem to interest my honey bees, sadly.  Daughter Kate also has a similar patch from seeds I sent her at Christmas but hers are a few weeks more advanced.

I sent the photo by WhatsApp to Kate asking if she knew what it was. She sent me back her best guess having looked it up in a book of butterflies that she had been given by her grandmother for Christmas 1987 (aged 7). The book suggested it was a "Silver-washed fritillary". I find it very difficult to be sure of such things when I try checking up on birds, butterflies and the like. Google also showed "similar" photos such as of "Brenthis Daphne" which seemingly looked nearer to having the deep orange colour but the size was too small.

So Silver-washed fritillary it is unless anyone happens to know better.

PS the butterfly is sitting on a washed out Union Jack!!!

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