By schorschi


As Angie was away, I could have had a great loud oldies night, getting out my old cassettes and letting rip. Reinforcements & most of the other tracks on their Propaganda album were strangely constantly blaring out from my car cassette player around 1974/5. Can't find a video of them singing this song but another one of them being introduced by Keith Moon & Ringo Starr, shows what a weird bunch the group Sparks were - and I have problems with modern groups?

Lazy start as no whip behind me. Finished loading the trailer with weeds that were especially annoying me & drove over to the council garden compost yard at Hawangen and then did a walk with Luna alongside the adjoining river West Günz. At this point it is being very seriously re-naturalised, the paths still not having been cut and are waist-high.

Interestingly not many wildflowers at this time of year and I think the area still has to wait for the process of wildflowers reestablishing themselves. The only places where more varieties appeared was where the river had clearly broken it's banks during heavy rain & washed up seeds.

Part of the re-naturalisation means allowing the river to find its natural course again. However, there are some areas where erosion could lead to problems. In the Blip, one such area where the banks have been strengthened by logs secured to the banks by wire.

When Angie arrived lunchtime, I took off again alone to Kempten about 30km away to pick up a built-in kitchen fridge/freezer combination that someone was throwing out. Took my time & even stopped at a service centre next to the autobahn with a McDonalds & Burger King.

Thought I would "treat" myself to a burger. Went into McD's but was horrified by the prices. It was packed full. I walked out & went across the road to the empty Burger King. Although I worked for the company that owned Burger King in the 1990s, I never really understood how to order there and have avoided them ever since about 1989/90 when I last had one in Munich.

€4.99 for 2 cheeseburgers, 6 chicken nuggets, chips, coke, BBQ & tomato sauce. The shop was so depressing I took it to the car & sat looking at all the truck drivers relaxing during their forced breaks. Seems to be a favoured spot for Latvian truck drivers. The food was as good (bad/indifferent) as I remember it but somehow it does the trick. Certainly seems to be as good/bad/indifferent as McDonald's.

Yesterday the radio had reported that this autobahn would be packed with yellow licence plated Dutch whose school holidays started today. While there were a few, I was amazed to see a GB plated Triumph TR3A overtake me (just) with two old blokes of my age driving this lovely tiny topless girl who is probably only 3 years younger than us. Wish I had had the wherewithal to take a photo!

Back home cleaned out the equipment with soda & set them up but need to leave at least the fridge for 24 hours as it was transported on its side. All looks good & should suffice to chill the beer for next weekend & all the BBQ sausages etc.

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