By schorschi

Thumbs Up

Off to Memmingen again today but did so before the sparrows were up. Three days ago got an appointment with an ophthalmologist as I have been having burning, itching, watery eyes for months. As it has been a spring/summer problem since at least last year, I thought it must now be an allergy & had been to my GP a couple of times to get medication. They were also the opinion that it was allergy connected.

However, about two weeks ago Angie read something about my chronic Crohn's disease possibly having side-effects on the eyes. SO when I was having a check-up with my internist shortly after, he suggested I go to an eye doc & gave me a referral as that tends to help to get a quicker appointment.

I later googled what he had written on the referral letter - please check for an indication of uveitis" - and then got in quite a panic!

The appointment went quickly, starting with I guess a mini sight test done by the helpers. Some whiz machine, a long way from having to wear a massive pair of specs and have new lenses put in each time you can't read the letters. Then doc did the close-up examination - simply extreme dry eyes which have now got inflamed & one lazy drooping eyelid. As always it seems with so many specialists, I had on checking in been asked if I wanted an eye pressure/glaucoma check, one of the various tests not covered by Germany's NHS. Some of these tests are of arguable use and it is difficult to know if it's just a selling number or sensible.

I think this test (€30) is worthwhile especially at my age. However, I said no for the time being until I get the problem sorted. Doc, however, managed to get me to leave €13 for some eye moisturising drops - the antibiotic drops were on prescription. I suspect the moisturising drops are available from a drug store for a fraction of the price.

So thumbs up on that issue & as it was a miserable drizzly morning, took the chance to do some shopping in Lidl in preparation for the children/grandchildren's visit in 10 days time. Not sure I have been in a Lidl or Aldi this year. I was somehow disappointed by Lidl, they seem to be changing their image/lines. Found it all a bit confusing but got some bits & pieces. Saw they have a special offer on Irish & even British beer - €1.79 for a pint (500ml) glass bottle of UK's Greene King/Morland Brewery Old Golden Hen beer & Ireland's Crafty Brewing Company Irish Pale Ale. I didn't buy any even if the price here is I think very similar if not a bit cheaper than in their homelands. The boys like to drink the local stuff when here.

I did treat myself to something I don't recall ever seeing in Germany - Rolo toffee chocolates! Even if sold by Swiss Nestle, Rolo is a British brand & indeed on the individual 4-pack rolls (not on the outer wrap) it actually says they are made in the UK. Nice to see that now that we nearly have Brexit, someone is bothering to export UK foods!

Thunderstorms in the afternoon & evening made the evening dog walk interesting. Set off to Ottobeuren in the sunshine, arrived in the rain, first lightning strikes by the time I opened the tailgate! Got back in, went to the supermarket for 20 minutes, came out with only light drizzle, went back to walk carpark, first thunderclaps, Luna wasn't getting out, so drove home. Waited an hour until it stopped raining and eventually managed a short walk in the dry but lots of menacing clouds.

Angie away for the night so Luna & I had a good evening creating dinner & enjoying a relaxed night with our my feet up on the table & total control of the TV remote control.

Once storms were gone, could plug in the router again & check up on the family via WhatsApp. Grandchildren in Ireland have finished a week of Outdoor Adventure Summer Camp -canoeing, kayaking, banana boating, raft building & to mother's horror, mud sliding which sounded great for them Mum having washed their clothes three times, eventually gave up trying to get them looking anything but black/brown & threw much of it away.

Not even back a week from a holiday on the French Riviera, son J & family wanted to recreate the holiday feeling with a late afternoon alfresco BBQ on Worthing beach and a swim - yes they really did go swimming, I have the photo evidence but the one I chose was better.

So thumbs up from all of them for their visit next week. And from me too.

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