A Priceless View

I feel as though I have a monetary investment in this view, given that it is the one seen from our lawyer’s office. It doesn’t come cheaply either for him or for us.
It always comes as a shock to our bank account how much can be charged for what appears to us ordinary punters to be not very much.
In fairness to lawyers, a profession to which son#1 belongs, there are different kinds of lawyers and if you work for a council in the cash strapped north of Scotland, your view will not be as expansive, and your prices will be restrained.

This afternoon His Lordship will be busy copying a disc of his Malayan Jungle Experiences, as recorded for the Aberdeen Museum, onto more discs to give to members of the family to keep safe for future generations should they be interested in military history.

The view takes in south Edinburgh, over Marchmont to the Pentland Hills and the ski slope at Hillend

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