Fitness Class as usual this afternoon.  Only seven of us there this week.  Even with the big doors open the room was hot and airless - so we went outside into the small car park.  There were no other classes on in the Community Centre today due to it being the 6 weeks school hols so we knew no-one would be using the car park.  It was really nice out there with a slight cooling breeze. There were a lot of people passing by who were amused to see us doing our stuff.

Did a bit of shopping before coming home.  I had intended doing a few household chores but sloth reared its ugly head and I adjourned to the sofa to put my feet up.  Sloth is one of the choices for Mono Monday - thanks to si_b for hosting. 

Stirred myself to have a shower before setting off for Slimming Club.  I lost the half pound I needed to get back into my target range.  I had hoped it would be more but never mind. There were lots of members there tonight so the meeting was a long one as the consultant speaks to every member individually.  Some great weight losses achieved by new members who have  started over the last few weeks.

Steps today - 14,477

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