By ciorstain

Carboot Vendor

I got up around 9 am - not too bad.
Worked a bit on my computer, shifting my archives to various external hard drives to clear my I-MAc for the wedding processing.
Then I went out to the carboot sale.
Chasing for polaroids, I ended up buying 2 old Bronwnies for small money.
One box camera and a Cresta from the 50ies.
The Cresta takes 120 film and is extremely simple. I want to clean it and give it a try.
I drove home and walked down to Ronzio for a late breakfast.
I had a lovely omelette, a coffee and a chat before I walked home and continued on my computer.
I worked until very very late …. and no end in sight yet for the wedding ……. :(

Blipping one of the eccentric vendors at the car boot.

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