Morrisons this morning. Didn't need so much after shopping in the Co-op yesterday.  I also popped into Iceland to get some venison burgers.  I'm going to a BBQ at the weekend and I always like to take my own low fat burgers ( and sausages  - which I've already got ).

After breakfast I did a bit of tidying and light dusting.  ( The " cat ladies " will be calling in to look after the cats for a couple of days when I'm away at the weekend so I need to try and leave the house in some semblance of order ).

This afternoon I walked down to the vets.  When I was there getting Tino's jabs a couple of weeks ago the vet forgot to update his record book ( and I forgot to remind her ) So I took the book today and left it for the vet to update.

I was also on the lookout for a blip shot.  The Wide Wednesday theme today is OLD.  I took a photo in the park of the derelict windmill there.  The windmill was built in around 1720 and was last used in 1835.  Then I walked past St Mary The Virgin Church and took a shot of that too. This Church dates from 1220 - thats old. I couldn't decide which one to blip so I have included them both.  Thanks to BobsBlips for hosting.

When I got home I sat outside on the patio and was joined by the cats.  The weather was really warm and sunny.   I really should have done some gardening but it was too hot for that.  So I just relaxed and read next weeks Radio Times.

Neil and his girlfriend Rachael flew to Belfast this morning.  Early flight at 7am. They are staying with Rachael's parents.  Rachael is going to be a  bridesmaid at her friends wedding on Friday. 

Steps today - 10,741   .........................  I got a message from Fitbit today letting me know that I had completed 5,000  miles since I got my Fitbit - meaning I have walked the entire length of Africa!

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