Three Lochs Day

Boys nipped down to the local store to get fresh pain au chocolat for breakfast and after that we were out on the bikes, back cycling down the hill into Abernethy Forest along the cycle and walking tracks to Loch Garten, then on to Loch Mallachie for our little picnic stop. Very warm today so we stopped a few times for water top up. Paps gave Cameron and Ben some camera instruction and I told them they could have my old Canon 500 to learn the controls. Ben has since been asking since we got home (have you looked out the camera Nana) He never forgets anything!!

It’s good they are keen to learn.

Route home and there were two falls off the bikes, Ben then Paps - both unhurt as it was on soft grass. Ben did cut his leg but he’s a hardy lad.

What was keeping me going up the hill to The Boat when coming out of the forest was a coffee in the Cafe and when reaching there (catching up with the boys) they announced it was closed on a Thursday ! How dare they haha! Ben had already told Paps as they waited for me to catch up that Nana would ‘kick off when she heard closed’! I did go on a bit!

We heard the hoot of a steamie approaching so we wandered down to the station for a look and the. Back home for lunch.

Afternoon we went to Loch Morlich and the boys went out on a canoe for an hour while I stayed a watched with Breagha. The boys had brought their blow up dinghy with them so they they then Had an hour on the Loch playing in it.

Absolutely stunning sitting there by the water with the Cairngorm mountains looking down on us.

We eventually managed to get cleared up and away only to be stopped just out of the car park on the main road as there had been a head on collision further down the road. After a while waiting the police advised everyone to do a U turn and the ranger opened the gates of the Queens forest and it was like the film Convoy us all during nose to tail with the dust kicking up .

Good to get back, picked up a chippie tea at the Happy Haggis and it was devoured quickly then table cleared for games.

Ben managed to catch me out later when I went to bed that bloody slug was on the handle and I screamed with the slimyness of it!,

we collapsed Into bed exhausted again.

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