You Best Start Believing in Ghost Stories

Thank you for all Gollum's hearts yesterday <3

Today was day 2 of the Summer Camp and the 2nd competition day. 

I promised Gollum that if he finished his Champion title yesterday, I wouldn't ask anymore and I didn't. He gained his title and today we have done training rounds with toys and fun. No pressure - just play and fun. He is such a young boy and this month has been hectic with a World Championship performance and now Summer Camp. His young head needs to be able to keep up. 

Hero is older and more experienced and he has coped well with everything. He is tired now, but still keeping up. He won the Advanced Freestyle class today with his Ghost Story.

Biscuit is also doing ok. He has won the senior class both yesterday and today. 

I think everyone are pleased there is no more competitions right now though - the next two days are workshops and training and a lot less pressure. We are all ready for that. 

My blip today is from Hero's routine. And my extras are of Biscuit with prizes, Hero with prizes and Gollum with a new toy.

We had a lovely afternoon with friends from Italy, Japan and Denmark. 

Bedtime soon, but first a bit of Netflix time I think :-)
Night night Blipland
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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