A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53


A better day than predicted. The mid morning rain didn't appear but we have just had a heavy shower.

I took to the garden for something to blip. My Agapanthus are doing well. Seven dark blue now flowering and four white coming along nicely in bud, which is amazing compared with the one flower I had last year. Japanese Anemones now coming too as well as the pots of Lilies and of course Fuchsias.

But later, looking out of the kitchen window I spotted these Starlings squabbling over a dish of water. As well as our bird bath, Chris puts out several of these plantpot saucers around the garden full of water. The Starlings were there quite some time, enough for me to get my camera. They were fun to watch too as they bullied each other for a spell in the water.
Loved the splash they were creating and this one at full wingspan had to be my blip choice today. Sometimes the best blips just come along.

(To the right you can see the edge of a terracotta pot and how much it has been spattered with soil by the heavy rain showers we've had. A bit more rain and it will be safe to cut the grass before the Plantains take over completely!)

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