Ben Nevis- “We did it!”

Our two young friends from Indonesia and Malaysia made it to the top of Ben Nevis –despite very limited climbing experience (see earlier blip).
However, their landlord at the Air B&B was waiting for them.
He was about to ring mountain rescue. It was nearly 11 pm. And they had set off at 11 am.
The climb normally takes 5-6 hours.
What kept them? He wanted to know. Well, it was all the selfies and “rests” they took.
Every person they asked how much longer to the top told them “ just one hour…and you will be there”.
Hours passed and they seemed no nearer their goal.
That’s when they almost gave up.
But it was the support and encouragement of strangers that gave them the courage to continue.
One small group even walked with them for a while insisting  they carry on-
 “ because you have come a great distance”.
They are so glad they did and are grateful for the kindness of strangers.
Today they returned to us thrilled to have made it.
So I hope you will understand if I post their photos (see extra).
I have never climbed Ben Nevis but my ski anorak has – Yusrina was wearing it!

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