By Bom

Remains of the Wasps Nest

The fitters replacing my fascias and soffits found the remains of one of my wasps nests today. As you can see, there look to be hundreds of dead wasps in it. The fitter said some were still alive and he got stung once - this was despite the nest being sprayed twice!!! The other wasps nest wasn't found, so hopefully it was only just being started  / was further in the attic. Given I have a heart condition and have to avoid stimulants like alcohol, I'm mightily relieved it's been removed as a number of wasp stings might be disastrous. I'm also glad the bathroom fitter spotted it so I could have it treated before these fitters arrived (and yes they have opened up the fascias to find large wasps nests before!!!).

Just spotted a number of wasps on the ground near a small patch of hostas - does anyone know if they nest in the ground???


The scaffolding guys arrived late this morning and successfully fitted the scaffolding over the greenhouse so the guys could do the fascias and soffits on the back of the garage. They'd been given all the right fittings today and managed to finish the whole job - they worked so hard. They also cleaned up nicely. All contractors again - but these were good! 

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