Cleared for Landing

Coming in to land at Gloucestershire (Staverton) Airport.

Visited Ruby again today, still doing well and much more animated than she was. Moving around, eyes looking at each of us in turn.
Johanna, her Mummy, said she has really turned a corner and is a proper baby now rather than the tiny premature baby that she has been for weeks. She has even started to cry like a proper baby when she is hungry.
She is nearly at her due date, 6 August, and it's really making a difference.
She made me laugh yesterday evening when I popped in to take something to Johanna. She was in her cot and she had hiccups. Johanna had gone off to make up a bottle of milk and when she came back she said I could pick her up. I did and soon after the hiccups stopped, it was so lovely.

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