Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Yardbird #38 - Chipping Sparrow

I realized today that I'd not yet blipped a Chipping Sparrow, even though they are one of the first summer residents to arrive each spring.  Several pairs have nested here this summer and there may even be a few active nests since this is a species that will try for as many as 3 broods in a summer.  Interesting to note that the bird in the lower part of the frame has a paler beak than the one above.  I think this may be an early sign that it is getting ready to molt into winter plumage.

There are so many hummingbirds whizzing around the garden now that it was extremely tempting to blip another one today.  My favorite hummer shot of the day is this one, on Flickr, looking like he's pulling off a magic trick.

Lots of rain showers this morning, so I spent time ducking in and out.  Monarch maintenance takes me a half hour or so every morning - cleaning the containers, cutting fresh milkweed, etc.  Four big fatties started their walkabouts today and two had to be moved to a different container because they were misbehaving.  Sometimes, for reasons I don't fully understand, they'll get fixated on a chrysalis and start climbing all over it - this can actually damage the developing butterfly so when it happens, I just put the offenders in a "time out".  Both settled down and and now getting ready to j-hang and pupate.  Little stinkers.

Hoping to run over to my friends' farm tomorrow and go hunting for some black swallowtail eggs for her to raise.  I've got four busily eating my pot of parsley so if I can't find any in her parsley patch, I'll give her one of mine to raise.  They are fascinating to watch, definitely a must for anyone who enjoys raising butterflies.

MIL is lethargic this week - not sure why but she just seems tired.  She is doing her PT every day, but not willingly.  The good news is that the two guys who work with her are able to get her to do quite a lot and she is gaining physical strength, which is very important.  

Thanks for stopping by.  I'll probably return to my Sunflower Biodiversity theme tomorrow as there are some interesting things going on the patch right now.  


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