Take time

I had a busy morning at work and then came home to feed Abe. I raced back out to catch up with JA at Mr's Cafe in Macedon. It was nice to catch up without the pups for a change; much more relaxing!

Then home to play with Abe, feed him and do some sewing. 

It's been a full on week and I'm glad it's the weekend. I'm just trying to figure out how I'm going to fit all of the stuff I need to do this weekend into the two days I have.

Tonight, I'm not worrying about that though. Like Abe, I'm taking time to smell the flowers and having a relaxing evening with my husband. The dog and cat have finally stopped chasing each other around the living room and Little Miss is at her mum's for a couple of hours.

Tomorrow I will have blipped 4,000 consecutive blips. Crikey!


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