Winter flowers

I wanted to share this colourful scene from the Sydney botanical gardens in order to celebrate how amazing I find this "winter" weather. The days are short and the evenings and nights quite cool, but when the sun shines brilliantly for about 8-9 hours a day, you find it easy to cope.

We did a classic wander today, down from Potts Point into Woolloomooloo, and then up into the Domain and along to Mrs Macquarie's Chair, which was crawling with tourists. Along the way, we stopped for coffee opposite the main naval yard and spent our time identifying the different warships on view using the inevitable list available on wikipedia. We walked across the botanical gardens and up to Martin Place, then back to Kings X on the T. Lunch was taken at House Bistrot, which was excellent, but empty (bizarrely), and then back here. By that stage, the sciatica was really giving me gyp, so I've been resting this afternoon, and latterly trying a few gentle stretches to relieve the pressure.

I need to do some photo-editing this evening in order to try and catch up, or otherwise it will all get too much for me and I will enver do it.

I've added a few extras just to illustrate what a beautiful day it has been.

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