A Monkey's Tale

By MonkeyWithAView

Wannabe Runner!

Monkey got to my new 'skins' shorts before I did & as you can tell, they're on the large & long size for him. He clearly has visions of himself as serious runner & found my running gear too. I must admit, he looks the part, especially with the shades on, not that he'll need them with the weather of late.

The Office have still not sorted themselves out. We spent the morning milling around, so I read the length & breadth of the Guardian website. After lunch (or just another hour of reading the Guardian website whilst eating a bowl of Jenny's homemade tommy soup) we were given a test on the reading we'd done on the new database to complete. 'Easy' really doesn't describe it. We'd finished the tests inside half hour & were back doing the basic data input reg locking in no time. Fabulous! we all said, well not out loud anyway, you could just tell by the traumatised & resigned looks on our faces.

I'm A Celebrity is well under way & tonight's bush tucker trial unsurprisingly saw former MP Nadine take on air head Helen in an underground-bug-burial challenge. Helen lasted a feeble 2 seconds & our Conservative of the Month Nadine hung it out for a not particularly impressive 4 minutes. Hardly winning material!?

Monkey on the other hand, he's made of winning material!

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