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By kendallishere

Sweet Sixteen

Danialle, one of my activist friends who was the official spokesperson for the OccupyICEPDX camp, is the single mom of two remarkable children, and the elder just turned sixteen. Danialle was arrested while mentoring activists at an OccupyICE camp in Tacoma, Washington a few days ago. She was thrown into a cell for ten hours with a male prisoner and an open toilet, a form of intimidation. (Mixing genders in a single cell is unusual.) Yesterday she had her court hearing, and all charges were dismissed. Meanwhile she was cooking, gathering decorations, and planning a big bash for her eldest, Seanalle. 

The event was marvelous. It was a mix of teenagers, family, and local activists, and we all had a great time honoring Seanalle and her mom. This is Seanalle on the left, embracing her best friend. 

Life happens on many channels at once.

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