a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Purple Rinse?

A lovely day spent with my sister Janet and her husband Incredibish in anticipation of her birthday next weekend.  The catering was exemplary and as a result I've probably eaten too much :-)

Its been warm and sunny again, so we enjoyed Mark's barbecue al fresco.  After lunch we went for a walk , which helped settle lunch so that I could squeeze in some of Janet's wonderful cake later on....  and then a video call with their daughter (my niece) Charlotte who is in Boston at the moment.  Its Charlie's birthday tomorrow so it was lovely to be able to say hello and wish her many happy returns in advance.

During our walk I spotted this fine artichoke in one of their neighbour's gardens which means I've blipped an artichoke twice now in a relatively short period.  

I'm a bit short of sleep at the moment, and struggled to stay awake at one stage this afternoon - a combination of the heat, the exercise and the food - either that or I'm turning into an old bloke.  I'm probably turning into an old bloke anyway, before any of you jump in at this point.  But I am going to disappear off to bed very shortly now that the sun has set and the house is starting to cool down, I'm exhausted and need a good night's kip.

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