By Teasel


Just when I had caught up with my blipping, I am immediately behind again, with lots of back blipping to catch up with.

 TT had declared he had to go to work this morning, then at the last minute last night he said he didn’t.  I already had my morning planned – and it did kind of go to plan.  It also rained – not heavy rain, but persistent rain.  That meant  I couldn’t get the last of our pre-holiday  washing dried! I shouldn’t grumble (except it was the first day of my summer holidays), as we haven’t had rain for ages.  I also had a few chores to do down town and had to put a coat on and find a brolly – all rather inconvenient!

Eventually we got round to packing the car and we headed off in a southerly direction to our destination – a Premier Inn just off the M1 in the Nottingham area.  We were weary by the time we got there and went in search of food.  BB was delighted with our fast food tea – me and TT less so.  It was then back to our hotel and an early night all round.

Here is a cistus in the garden, in the rain.

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