Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

Under the Southern Cross

I think there is nothing more calming than looking a clear night sky with the stars twinkling and the planets shining down at you.

Bobs challenge for this week was calm.  The seas are so calm surfers are leaving in droves.  The winds we have had over the last two days had calmed down this evening too.  I have calmed down after nearly being sideswiped by three cyclists on footpaths (who shouldn't have been there) and seeing the blip I had in mind (cairns built along the foreshore at Horseshoe beach) destroyed by idiots.  Really, don't they know it is terribly bad luck to destroy a cairn. 

This is with the new lens.  Lots of light pollution not to mention the lighthouse on top of Nobbys but you can still see the Southern Cross and a bit of the Milky Way.  This is a six landscape image stitched vertically in LR BTW.

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