Sunrise this morning.

I think most of us here are getting really tired of the heat. Physically tired. It's just so exhausting to be sweating day in and day out for weeks on.

I went for a swim this morning and the water was 30°C. It did not have any cooling effect on me. I was hot coming out and even hotter walking home. And in addition to that there were lots of people already before 9 am. What's happened to my beach?

Something has bitten me on my neck during the night and it itches so bad. If I put Hydrocortisone it calms for a while and then it's back on.

I also had a nice talk with my friend Jennifer who is nearly 80. I finally remember what "good morning" is in Welsh and greet her with "Bore Da" no matter what time it is. It makes her smile. (It's her mother tongue.) I will try to learn the Good evening as well. Good day was really difficult. (Noswaith dda is the good evening.)

So noswaith dda to you all!

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