Morning swim was wonderful this morning. Calm and cool sea. It really cooled the body after a hot night.

It's also been a hot day. It's closing to 7 pm and it's still at 31°C. I'm waiting for it drop a bit so I could go do my intervals. I was quite nauseous this morning and I thing it was because I was dehydrated. I was up at 2 am and drunk 1,5 glasses of water, but still I had all the symptoms in the morning like chills and swollen fingers.

I am better now and ready to go exercise as soon as it's bit cooler.

Tomorrow is going to be the hottest day of the year so far. We are put under orange alert for heat for tomorrow. And that's only one step down from extreme risk. So I'm trying to play it bit safer with today's training. And this time I'm not gonna jog at all. This kind of heat is getting bit scary.

If you wanna see how humidity affect the heat, check this out:
Lower digits on thermometer doesn't mean it's cooler.

I finished my trash wall art piece today and managed to hung it on wall. (Not so pretty hanging, but it was very difficult to get it there so I'm not gonna touch it unless it falls apart.)
I like it. It took a lot of hours and I was worried that it would be ugly, but it actually looks pretty good to my eye. This project took about one year!

Oh and the sea is getting so much warmer in many places (even if it was so nice and cool for us this morning) that the fishes have attacked more people. One tourist got bitten by a blue fish (translation from it's Finnish name don't know it in English) and got nearly 10 stitches to his leg. So far I haven't even gotten a jellyfish sting this year and I've been to the sea 69 times already. And yes, I have counted!

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