By HeidiHH


Hottest day of the year here. Which will be followed by hottest night of the year with Sahara air coming for us with dust :-(

It's been unbearably hot today. We took a swim in the morning to cool down, but pretty soon after that it's been constant sweating and complaining about the weather.

Alicante airport at noon was 37,7°C and it's 10 minutes from our house by car. Maximum in Communitat Valenciana was at Xàtiva with 43.5°C. Elche city inland from us about 20min drive from here was at 40.3°C. We were lucky with max of 34,6°C. It's over 9 pm and it's still 30°C. Lowest of the night is estimated at 27°C. I'm so happy we have air con.

Funny thing happened to me. Events starting at midnight last night. Anastassia had sent me a message saying: "Hey!
Don’t know if you got a message from Jeniffer. But they left early yesterday and asked you to close the gates and the door properly". (I copied the text.) So it was midnight and I had been sleeping already so I did not go see their door. I had walked past it and all seemed okay.

The text I got from Jen said: "Door and gate open no key garden been watered thank you hope you miss me jen xx". (I copied the text.) I didn't crack the code and understand that I should go close the doors after seeing this. And these are the things that make worry about them. They are getting old. You'd think they'd close their door properly and the gate when leaving for 10 days. It wasn't even early in the morning. 9 am.

Anyway the bolts of the door haven't been used in ages so I could not get them to work. I was afraid I would break the key into the lock. But I'm not gonna worry them with that. Margaret came to see the door with me and agreed. Nothing we can do about it. They need a professional to look at it.

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