This is a storm cloud that is situated 100km NW from us. On our evening walk I pointed that out and said that's a storm developing (by the shape of the cloud) and then when I got home I saw in Twitter the radar picture of it and where it was situated. It's on Almansa, Albacete. We are heading into a storm season little by little. After all the hot air from Africa the air is gonna cool to 30°C+ all over and storms are having a field  day (all across Europe apparently).

Today I copied 2 patterns to try from the new old magazines I got. I did one top which is very simple but very nice and a short-skirt type of ensemble and I'm having to think very hard how to put it together. There's so many things and the order is developing as I'm making it. And yes, I'm just too lazy to read the Spanish instructions. Also enjoy cracking down the mystery. But it is a hard one. If successful, it will be very very pretty. But a lot of work. 

So here the sensacion termica 43°C continues. Looks pretty much the same for the following 14 days. Some possibilities for rain. But the probability is around 10-40% depending on the day and all rain predictions under 1 mm so I'll take a guess and say it's not gonna rain at least not hard.

So sweating along the days. Today we only had a electricity cut and lost of tv channels for a while. Pretty much normal at this point. I'm prepared to eat all the ice cream at all times.

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