Layers of Easter Egg Colors on the Lily Pond

When the blooming time comes, it is almost impossible to take it all in. The water lilies are putting on a marvelous show at the Arboretum, and I've even been braving the mid-day heat to go and see them in their fully open glory.

It is like that at tulip time, too. So much color, so much fun. I'm like a kid in a candy store; I can't get enough pictures, I visit too often. There is a thing I like to do with the tulips, of photographing them as layers and layers of color.

I tried doing that with the water lilies on this day. They were blooming so fabulously in Easter egg colors. But I found that layering water lilies, unlike tulips, can be a bit like wrangling cats. :-)

Here's a song for the colors: Cyndi Lauper, with True Colors.

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