Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104

Green Sandpiper

I had a lovely morning at the Woolston Eyes Nature Reserve. I saw my first painted lady of the year which was exciting, but the only other butterflies I saw were a few small whites and one speckled wood. 
From the Morgan hide we were treated to a marsh harrier dropping in for a while, a brief sighting of a water rail and this green sandpiper. I've never seen a green sandpiper before, so this was a good one to add to my list. It's not the best shot, but had to be my blip today. 
When I got home and downloaded my photos to put a few on FB, I saw a post from Pennington Flash  where one of the group members had posted some wonderful shots of the kingfishers - not one, but 3 of them in one shot!!! Boy did I choose the wrong place to visit this morning! 
Apparently it sounded like they stuck around for quite some time, so I'm a bit miffed. The only reason I didn't go there was because there is a 9.00 parkrun every Saturday and it gets very busy. But obviously this didn't bother the kingfishers this morning :) 

But never mind, I was happy with my visit and will go to Pennington Flash another day for the kingfishers, maybe tomorrow if it's not raining!

A great evening of athletics is ahead - let's see if we can make some more European champions!

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