A late wedding present

My Australian cousin Edwina last visited us in 2004 so I was rather surprised when I found this plate under my bed at my parents' house a few weeks ago. A note attached to it indicated that the plate was a wedding present from Cousin Edwina to our (shared) cousin Frank and his wife Clare.

I'm pretty sure that Frank married Clare in December 2003. When I questioned my mother about my under-the-bed discovery she simply said that hadn't seen Frank since Edwina left the plate with her -14 years ago! I don't think Frank and Clare even know that this plate exists. I wonder if Edwina is still waiting for a thank you letter for her generous wedding present?

This afternoon I sent a photo of the plate to Frank and Clare. If they would like it, I will post it to them. If not, I will display it on the wall in my green tangerine bathroom.

In other news we spent the morning with Katherina, who dropped us off at Hexham station for the first of our two trains back home to Edinburgh. The local train was delayed due to (a) flooding and (b) a bull on the line near Haydon Bridge. The knock-on effect of this was that we missed our intended train from Newcastle to Edinburgh and arrived home an hour later than expected. Nevertheless, we are very happy to be back in our own surroundings. We'll return to visit my parents again at the start of September.

Exercise today: walking (10,036 steps)

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