Rodents rule

By squirk

Francis Crick Institute

I felt a bit fuzzy this morning but decided the best thing would be to get back into the working world. I wasn't feeling sick, at least. The fuzzy head cleared up through the morning and working on a screen was fine – I was a little worried about that. 

I went for a walk around the shopping areas of King's Cross and St Pancras stations looking for reasonably priced plastic beakers (we're having a free water station at my part of the West Norwood Feast market on Sunday and I'd like to have reusable cups rather than one-use plastics). I need to do a wider search, though. I have my eye on a few shops on Tottenham Court Road that might fit the bill.

The Francis Crick Institute is an impressive new building to the side of St Pancras Station. I like its curves.

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