Road Work

The Aussies do like a few good signs marking their roadworks. I captured these just outside our accommodation. The other odd thing I saw today was some daffodils... It is pretty wintery here in Canberra and we were talking about people going skiing earlier on, but I still cannot get over that little voice in my head that keeps insisting it's perpetual summer in Australia.

My paper this morning seemed to go well, but it was only after I'd been blunt about a few things that I realised there were some ambassadors in the room. Luckily I wasn't blunt about their particular countries, although I could easily have been. I was quite blunt to the man from the Russian embassy who asked me to predict how things might go for the EU in the future, and who might benefit from Brexit and a weaker EU... Duh.

Later on, after a visit to the National Library on the south side of Lake Burley Griffin to see an exhibition about suffragettes (which also involved a visit to their cafe and the consumption of an extraordinarily good Italian Ricotta cake), we returned to the same Italian as last night for dinner, but this time with SW.

Onwards again tomorrow. The road show must keep going. As must the work.

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