Today was mainly about moving on - from Canberra to Melbourne. I guess the latter is more my sort of city. I found Canberra a bit...cold. Well, literally it was cold, but in addition I wasn't really that keen on the layout of the city. But I appreciate that for some people it really makes sense - e.g. the access to law and government that it gives, being the federal capital.

Anyway, Canberra supplied me with a very decent and rather needed haircut. We realised halfway through the day that today was exactly our middle day in the trip. We left Edinburgh four weeks minus a day ago. We get home in four weeks minus a day. Funny how the trip feels book-ended by that wee factum. Before heading to the airport, we popped into the cafe and gallery in the University's School of Art. As ever, the sun was shining - but as ever, again, it was bleak, cold and dry.

Arrived safely in Melbourne after a short flight from Canberra. The hotel is ok - not wonderful. But it does have a good swimming pool that will be put to good use. We had comfort food for dinner - burgers. And it's wonderful to be in the place that has the world's biggest tram network. How's about that!

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