By ArcLight

Borage and yellow daisy

It was a bit of a difficult choice today, between a picture of a #leithwalkshop (they will always be there) and wild flowers in Pilrig Park (clearly, they aren't always there...). So I've gone with the latter, not least because my picture of a slightly damp yellow daisy went down well 10 days ago. So let's keep up the winning streak. I amused myself putting a few recent Pilrig Park pictures on twitter.

It's not been my most productive day in this whole writing business. A good spinning class, and then into work. I met up with the daughter of some friends of mine for a coffee (lots of fun) and then over to the library where I spent some time reading and taking notes on some bits of a book which was far too heavy to check out and carry home. Home on the bus (where I managed to overtake a bus I'd missed on foot and catch it at the next stop....such is life on South Clerk Street these days). The bus journey reminded me that this morning, on the bus on the way in to work, I'd ended up talking to someone who also had her left knee replaced by the same surgeon at ERI.... She'd had complications, which of course undermines my confidence. But it's such a rarity me talking to someone on public transport. I'm turning into a cross between Mr A and hazelh.

I've been a bit naughty this evening. A gin, and some red wine. But tomorrow is another day, and actually in and amongst I made some good progress on Chapter 5. The next three days are crucial.

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