By ArcLight

Another day, some more cranes...

Another day of writing, although for light relief (I'm not sure it was) we headed up to the Book Festival to listen to David Cannadine talking about Brexit. He's a much better historian than he is a political analyst. In the second part of his lecture he came up with some pretty weak counterfactuals which he suggested would have ended up with no referendum being held, or the referendum being for remain. I was completely unconvinced he'd actually taken into account all of the relevant factors. It was a bit of a bus-person's holiday for me....

Anyway, we saw a few people, chatted, ate canapes, drank wine, bought some books as a treat for when I've finished my own book (if I can still read by that stage....) and came home. And I got a blip at the end of the day. This is taken with my longest lens. It's the first time I've tried to use it to capture the cranes.

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