New pot and succulent

We were both somewhat tired after our busy week, so today has been about recharging the batteries. We did head down to Leith Market for some modest retail therapy, which involved some bits and pieces purchased for lunchtime treats over the next few days. We also bought this wee succulent in its plastic pot. The pot has been made by the seller from marine waste - I think blue plastic rope, mixed with a some pink plastic. Unfortunately, the pot is tiny. I would love some larger ones. They are selling quickly, so hopefully he will move on to making some bigger ones! He has an instagram profile: @ocean.plastic.pots.

Leith was stunningly busy - a lot of intra-UK tourism has come to Edinburgh, I think. Oh, and passing by the scene of the himalayan balsam removal on the Water of Leith, we were duly impressed by the work of the volunteers and Water of Leith trust folk. The absence of the pretty pink seedheads and the debris of the scythed stalks are both notable.

In a fit of plant re-arrangement, I moved the larger oxalis off the table by my chair as it was (a) starting to be rather large and take up too much room and (b) recently not very happy. I've put it on the kitchen windowsill, along with a lemon balm we bought from the same guy. The chilli plant has gone outside to counter the aphids, as advised by meles. I hope it's ok. It's out of the wind.

Other than that, it was a pretty dull day. I've caught up with photo editing and put a Norfolk album on flickr. Now I regret not taking more photographs, especially of the meadow and pond areas at the bottom of the garden. We caught up on laundry, and unfortunately I managed to mix my colours and whites, so that now I have some pink handkerchiefs and other items. That was a sign of tiredness.

We'll be treating ourselves to an early night tonight. Catch up on some zzzzs, after a couple of poor nights of sleep since we got back, and some overly warm ones in Norfolk.

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