Rodents rule

By squirk

Office popcorn

I always bring a big bag of Drum and Kernel Popcorn to work after West Norwood Feast. The best way to take some to the desk is to fill a cup. Nom. 

I met CB2 at Bar Polski after work. We tucked into their delicious food – beetroot soup with dumplings for me and pierogi for CB2. It was really hot in the bar so we left on the search for a Fab ice lolly. This turned out to be fruitless. We walked from Holborn down to City Thameslink, St Paul's, Tate Modern and to Blackfriars where we caught a train home. We'd visited every open newsagent and food shop on the way and no Fab. CB2 worked out that this was because most of the freezers were Walls (Fab is Nestle) and the lawyers and bankers of this area are, probably, more salted caramel ice cream fans than Fab fans. Anyhoo, I finally found a Fab, albeit quite decrepit in the first newsagent I visited in West Norwood. See EXTRA for the pitiful sight. I think the poor confectionary had melted and re-frozen several times in its life.

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