Cruise Ship

Today was a big day – first day at high school for BB.  He wasn’t up with the lark in anticipation of the adventure ahead, but was eventually ready in good time, and after the obligatory first day photograph, he headed off to meet a friend, before they walked to school together.  He looked very smart in his new shirt and tie, trousers (a huge departure from all year round shorts) and shoes. TT and I then headed off to work.

It was another first day back with loads of emails waiting on me.  Just to continue and add to  the stress of yesterday – I had to attend a meeting which left me in despair about many things.  A little later I received a text with some worrying news about a friend.  At that point I had to walk out of the office to clear my head.

I was glad to make it through the afternoon and to get home to see my boy.  He was tired and hungry (which means grumpy!), but had had a good day at school.  Long may that continue.

I went out for a walk this evening to get some head space to think about a few things – but misjudged the weather and got totally soaked.

Tomorrow is another day.

Here is a view from Calton Hill at lunchtime.  The cruise ship looks like it has been stuck onto the picture.

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