Clean Machines

As the new road through Älandsbro takes form these asphalt lorries arrive and wait their turn to deliver their loads. I'm not sure if this mirrored finish is a technical innovation or a stylish addition, but I find it visually fascinating!
The extra shows the truck and the other machines in action. There is still something of the small child in me as I watch these technicians with their large machines create a new road. I am also impressed by how clean all the machines remain!
Usually these large road building projects happen away from towns and it has been fascinating to watch the process on a daily basis since it got going last autumn. The entire road through Älandsbro and a little to the north has been dug up. A hill and a bridge has been removed, the lanes will be narrower and separated and new roundabouts will be appearing.
This redesign was initiated when the old railway was closed and the bridge over it became redundant, but the end result should be safer for all, and lead to a better traffic flow through the town.
The road in question is the E4, the main north south highway through Sweden so if you ever drive up to the north of Sweden you'll probably be driving over this asphalt.

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