Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

... YIPPEE!!!!

Firstly, thank you for sending my harvestman scurrying onto the Spotlight page today, where he hunkered down and hung out for quite a while. I wasn't expecting that from an arachnid! And deepest apologies to those of you who visited my journal expecting to see a bird and were shocked to find a crawly thing - mea culpa!

And to prove that I am still a bird-woman at my core, today I give you a goal-oriented titmouse demonstrating why it is good to dream LARGE! It always cracks me up when one of the titmice carts off a peanut - you've gotta love the sheer guts of a move like that, especially when a blue jay sits in the wings, watching and trying to work up his nerve to venture closer to the camera and the peanuts...

I posted 5 more photos on Flickr, several more of the titmouse, a cardinal and a goldfinch in winter duds, starting HERE if you'd like to have a look. No more spiders, I promise.

About 3 weeks ago, I started seeing a female Hairy Woodpecker at the suet feeders so I am thinking that she may have joined the male that showed up this summer. Very exciting as they are timid woodpeckers and not ones I'd seen here last year. They look almost identical to the Downy WP, except they are approximately double the size. Today, I had the Hairy, all four Downy WPs and a female Red-Bellied WP - it was a WP fiesta.

Well, tomorrow is Friday, blippers --- let's hear a big YIPPEE!


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