After yesterday's lovely weather, it was much cooler today.
I went to the pool where I had seen the swan family. It became clear that there were 4 cygnets and only one parent.
A woman came with food, and the cygnets accepted it graciously.
The parent stood at guard, took only just a little bit. There lay several feathers on the ground. I collected some.
I had been looking for a lens, wide angle or fish, on internet, and saw a small set available at the Hema, for 3 euro. One uses it on a smartphone, and I borrowed Piet Hein's Phone to try a silly selfie. You can see it in the extras.
With Mischa's help I want to find an adapter (fish eye) for my Nikon.
When the insects and flowers are gone to sleep in autumn and winter, I would like to find new paths.

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