Mrs Happy

By Riwaka7

Drip, drip, drip,

More rain overnight making a total of 90mm for this dollop. The ground is so wet it is not draining away at all.
However, it means there are plenty of rain drops to practice a blip on.
Today the azalea wins and the tiny cancer society jonquils come in second.
Thankyou for stars and comments. I haven't got back to everyone.

It has ended up quite warm. A couple of us went into the research rooms to try and do some sorting and indexing- and catch up on the gossip. :-))
The town is fairly quiet but give it a month and it will soon start to move again. I have just got back from a good long walk but stuck to the footpaths. I scored a pair of woollen gloves that have lain in the street for a few days. I thought they may have been mine but when I get home my two pair here.I'll wash and ask around before keeping.

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