Monday morning and it was dreich.  There was no golf today, but both TT and I decided to run in the mizzle.  I went for the same run and my feet were so wet they were squelching in my shoes by the time I got back.  The rest of me, was not nearly as wet. 

The morning was largely spent with the boys getting stuck into another jigsaw.  R, C and I drove into Brodick for some provisions and a look around a couple of shops.

We all then headed to the distillery in Lochranza, where the boys were going to visit their cask!  BB and I didn’t take up the offer, but I regret that now, so may take a look the next time we are there.  We went straight to the distillery café for a late lunch!  The others all met us there in due course, raving about the experience of visiting their cask!.

We might have gone for a  wee wander, but for the dreichness of the day, so we just headed back to the cottage and pottered for a  while before packing up and all to quickly it was time to go and get the ferry.  The day was brightening up and by the time we were on the ferry it was the best part of the day.  We sat outside and enjoyed the evening sunshine as we sailed back to the mainland for the drive home.

We were all weary when we got home and went straight to bed, after a really lovely few days away.

I liked this trough of flowers which brightened up the dull day.

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