Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Alice in Guildford

Another good day spent with friends... We met up for coffee at the Lodge and then drove into Guildford to eat at the restaurant that G discovered last week. We got sat in a completely different section, and realised how big the place really is! The food was as good as ever, so pleased they didn't let us down.

It was Verna's first time ever in Guildford, so we showed her the sights. She thoroughly enjoyed it - walking up and down the High Street, then to the Castle where we enjoyed watching people playing bowls, as well as the landscaping and views.

Eileen then showed us a part of the city that we've been close enough to before but never seen. Lewis Carroll has associations with the area and along the River Wey at Millmead, you can see Alice with her sister watching the rabbit going down the hole (which they then followed). It's really cool.

We walked past Guildford Baptist Church, so G & I popped in and got a tour. It is under renovation and is looking very smart. Back to the car, but before getting home, we stopped off at Newlands Corner - not just to take in the view, but to get some ice cream. Everything closes so early here; we were the last people to be served at 5:20!

Back on the A25, and we pulled in to Silent Pool. It was very quiet there too. Eileen was really pleased to see it especially as the vineyard is close by. Hopefully, she will visit again soon and check out these places. And just when you thought we'd be heading straight home, we drove into Albury Park to the 11th Century Saxon church. It was well after closing time, but good just to see the area.

We finally got back to the Lodge and enjoyed a bottle of Prosecco and nibbles before our guests had to leave. They wanted to get home whilst there was still a bit of light for the majority of the journey.

It's been nice to have a cooler day with the forecast for the temperature to drop to 10decC tonight. First time this holiday! I've got an extra duvet ready already. :)

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