How's that old propellor doing then?

That's what I wondered as I went out this afternoon dodging the raindrops. I haven't been that way for a while because the lane gets fairly narrow and there are better ways of getting to the other end of that particular road.

Everything seems to be falling apart at home at the moment. We had to replace the washing machine a little while ago and our fridge freezer doesn't seem to be responding to the thermostat anymore. Marian has noticed various other things too.

The work has now started to redo our balcony/deck/patio which has been become hazardous. It's not the old original timbers that are rotting away, it's the newer bits that were added a few years ago to even it up. The remedial work has been taking place and today the carpenter has been laying the new composite boards (which won't need painting every couple of years) in between rain showers. 

The old propellor seems to have one new addition. I've taken out the name board on previous occasions but it didn't seem right this time.

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