Passion Flower

I used to have a bit of a lie in on a Friday (relative to the rest of the week), but that is probably all in the past now.  BB had rugby skills before school.  He had to leave by 7.25am.  I had to get him out of bed and encourage him to get ready.  He was out in time.  I got myself ready and went out for a run.  It was a lovely morning, but I had a sore foot, so I had to be careful.  I managed five miles.  I then headed out to meet a friend for a catch up and ate my weight in toast and marmalade.  Before we knew it, it was noon and we had to go our separate ways.

My washing which was probably dry, has now been soaked three times this afternoon.  I was almost soaked too, but I sheltered under a tree on my way back home from the supermarket, so I didn’t get too wet.

Scouts started back tonight and BB was raring to get back.   I think we are all a bit weary after our first full week back at work and school.

I spotted this passion fruit flower in St Mary’s Pleasance.  They are fascinating flowers. 

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