An Avid Lensman

By SarumStroller

Gas Holder with unused bus-stop...

Same gas holder as yesterday's blip but at the widest setting of the Nikkor 17-35mm f2.8 on FX D700 and with almost no Photoshop fiddling, taking about two minutes to open RAW file, brighten a little, open the shadows a bit and sharpen a tad. Then a fairly simple black & conversion and close. I did run the image in the distortion filter folder as even the best zooms distort with straight lines so close to the camera (about a foot) bulging very slightly (barrel distortion).

It's actually the end of a line of big shop units on one of those retail parks (& where our recently demised Comet store is/was) and the bit on the right is a so-called bus stop, so called as there haven't been the buses to stop there for many years. And, I do promise, I didn't add the ideally placed graffiti, honest!, though with a blip each day to do all through the dark winter, a spray can could become an essential bit of kit...

Tripod, yes, as it was small aperture - lots of depth field needed and an awkward angle. I sat on a (cold) brick wall behind so I didn't cast a shadow myself as the light mainly came from behind me. And, after my colour changes of the past couple of days, it's good to get back to basic b&w!

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